Stop NorthPoint was organized in March 2020 by a group of people from the Just Say No to NorthPoint grass roots movement who have committed to taking further steps to end the blight of reckless warehouse development in Will County. While not formally connected to the Just Say No to NorthPoint group, Stop NorthPoint is also fully committed to holding NorthPoint Development accountable for their actions and stopping them from turning more than 3,000 acres of prime, productive Will County farmland into unnecessary and unwanted industrial warehousing. We pledge full cooperation with other local groups, and have set up a legal fund to achieve our shared goal.

The Relationship Between Stop NorthPoint and Just Say No to NorthPoint

Just Say No to NorthPoint is a grassroots movement launched in 2017 by concerned Will County residents united by the desire to preserve their communities. This unofficial effort has been committed to fighting NorthPoint Development on multiple fronts: calling and writing government officials; hosting informational community meetings; speaking at community zoning, planning, and board meetings; raising awareness by printing and distributing flyers and conducting door-to-door campaigns; submitting Freedom of Information Act requests to governmental bodies; coordinating with other community groups with common interests and goals; engaging media outlets; and more.

Stop NorthPoint is an outgrowth of the broader Just Say No to NorthPoint movement, but with a singular purpose: to stop NorthPoint Development’s Compass Business Park through a concerted legal effort. We are a legally organized LLC intent on holding the Joliet government accountable to area residents through legal means and preventing NorthPoint from building Compass Business Park, Compass Global Logistics Hub, or anything else they want to call it.  We do so while remaining committed to, and fully supporting, the broader Just Say No to NorthPoint effort.