JHN: Stop NorthPoint exposes ‘Illiana Light’ expressway plan

Opponents to NorthPoint Development’s plan for a Joliet logistics park said the developer has urged state officials to resurrect a scaled-down version of the Illiana Expressway to gain a route to another intermodal 30 miles away.

Stop NorthPoint issued a news release citing emails among officials at the Illinois Department of Transportation discussing NorthPoint’s interest in what one referred to as “Illiana Light” to connect its logistics park with a proposed CSX intermodal in Crete…. Read more →

JHN: CenterPoint joins the fight over NorthPoint

CenterPoint Properties has added its voice to NorthPoint opponents.

The developer of the CenterPoint Intermodal Center has filed objections to the NorthPoint plan, pointing to the potential impact on roads running through its own development that spreads across Joliet and Elwood.

The objections are the first public comments made by CenterPoint on the NorthPoint plan, which proposes nearly 2,300 acres of space for warehouses that would rely on the CenterPoint Intermodal Center for routes to intermodal yards and interstates…. Read more →

Frequent Questions…

Stop NorthPoint is taking the recent news & information as presented by Joliet and the developer at face value. That a series of public hearings in Joliet are coming up in Nov. and Dec. 2021 to pass a new annexation agreement that spells out the details of nearly a thousand… Read more →

“No Bridge, No Project”?

“No Bridge, No Project” is something we’ve heard a lot over the last several years. Similar to the “Joliet can’t take it” slogan that was pushed hard during the fight in Elwood, this one too may soon be proven wrong. The “No Bridge, No Project” slogan refers to the bridge… Read more →