A massive freight warehouse project threatens our national treasures including the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.

This veterans cemetery was dedicated on October 3, 1999 as the 117th national cemetery within the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration. It is built on 982 acres of land that was formerly in the northwest portion of the Joliet Army Arsenal Plant. The cemetery will hold 400,000 burial spaces when fully completed.

“On Aug. 26, 2003 the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery inaugurated an all-volunteer Memorial Squad to assist in military honors. When possible, the melodic sound of live Taps can be heard echoing throughout the serene cemetery grounds.” - source

The NorthPoint warehouse proposal sprawls across more than 9 square miles. Consequently, this massive 3,000-acre complex would dump 420 trucks per hour at the cemetery’s new entrance via the proposed bridge over Historic Route 66. As a result, there would be added interference with funerals, diesel smog, and noise to the hallowed grounds. 500 trucks per year already get lost in the cemetery and many have driven over graves while attempted to turn around. So why add more? Let’s solve this problem instead of making it much worse.

Imagine such a thing built next to Arlington National Cemetery... it would be unthinkable!

Save Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery