Our national treasures, Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, and Historic Route 66, as well as residential and farming communities in Will County, IL are under serious threat of a massive proposed 3000-acre trucking warehouse development called NorthPoint that sprawls across more than nine square miles on top of two small towns.

NorthPoint Development's Compass project will make existing problems worse because it promises to bring tens of thousands of additional trucks to an already heavily congested area.

  • The veterans cemetery has a daily problem with over 500 semi trucks per year getting lost, interfering with funeral processions, and driving over graves while turning around.  NorthPoint’s project is less than ¼ mile from the cemetery entrance and will double the amount of traffic in this immediate area.
  • Smog and noise are polluting the national tallgrass prairie and putting the bison herds and native plants at risk.  NorthPoint's footprint is across the street, which will double this pollution and bring it right up to the border of the Midewin reserve, which is the ONLY tallgrass prairie under the US Forest Service.
  • This stretch of Route 66, on the National Register of Historic Places, is a daily traffic jam of bumper to bumper trucks.  NorthPoint’s additional traffic will only lead to more accidents and traffic fatalities.

Stop NorthPoint is comprised of ordinary citizens living in Will County who have been working since 2017 to stop NorthPoint Development's Compass Business/Logistics industrial park.  We were officially organized in 2020 as an LLC committed to pursuing legal action to stop the 3,000-acre warehouse facility proposed by NorthPoint Development on top of the villages of Elwood and Manhattan, in unincorporated Will County, Illinois.

We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; liberals and conservatives; blue collar and white collar; union and non-union; farmers, workers, teachers, urban and suburban professionals, veterans, environmentalists, elected officials, emergency responders, and local business people.

We are YOU... the concerned citizens of Will County who are joining together to say "enough is enough!"

Stop NorthPoint is dedicated to preserving Will County and its national treasures, including Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, and Historic Route 66, by fighting against the blight, safety issues, and reduced quality of life that results from this continual, reckless freight logistics development.  Stop NorthPoint has established a legal fund for this fight and pledges full cooperation with other entities working to achieve our shared goal.

We are also with Just Say No to NorthPoint

Just Say No to NorthPoint is a Facebook group launched in 2017 by concerned Will County residents united by the desire to preserve their communities.  Our grassroots effort has been committed to fighting NorthPoint Development on multiple fronts: calling and writing government officials; hosting informational community meetings; speaking at community zoning, planning, and board meetings; raising awareness by printing and distributing flyers and conducting door-to-door campaigns; submitting Freedom of Information Act requests to governmental bodies; coordinating with other community groups with common interests and goals; engaging media outlets; and more.

Stop NorthPoint is an evolution of the Just Say No to NorthPoint group with a singular purpose: to stop NorthPoint Development’s massive project using a coalition of legal efforts. We are a limited liability corporation (LLC) intent on holding NorthPoint Development and Joliet's government accountable through our lawsuit, which is designed to stop NorthPoint from building Compass Global Logistics Hub (also known as Compass Business Park).