NorthPoint Compass Project Area Map

Fully interactive Google Map of the current project area. (Please note that all boundaries are approximate and have been drawn based on materials published by the developer and public records.)

NorthPoint’s bridge harms veterans’ cemetery

This is the 2020 proposed Compass Global Logistics Hub as an overlay on top of satellite imagery of the actual location between Elwood and Manhattan.  The borders of Compass are in red.  It covers approximately 2900+ acres (~4.5 square miles) and is approximately 3.5 miles wide by 5 miles long.   It is also more than 6 miles from any major expressway.

Compass over Joliet

This “conceptual” overlay map shows the same footprint of the proposed Compass Business Park on top of the City of Joliet. The sole purpose is to illustrate the massive size and scale of the project. It would stretch from Joliet Junior College to Slammers Stadium and from Crest Hill to Rockdale.

Massive project chokes Manhattan, IL

The sun always sets over Compass no matter where you are in Manhattan.

Find out more about the scope and timeline of NorthPoint Development’s Compass Global  Logistics Hub project by going to the Just Say No to NorthPoint grassroots movement website.