Without financial contributors, this fight would be impossible. The following list contains only a small fraction of our generous contributors. If you've made a contribution and would like to be included on this page, please send us a message.


Anonymous - Peotone, IL

AgraFleet Inc - Manhattan, IL

Marcie Adams - Manhattan, IL

Colton Adamski - Manhattan, IL

Ronald Adamski - 2021 candidate for Village Trustee of Manhattan, IL

Jeannine Arend - Elwood, IL

Steve Ashby - Manhattan, IL

Kathy Bernhard - Jackson Township, IL

Eileen Bosi - Manhattan, IL

Brickman Masonry Construction - Wilton Center, IL

Margie Cepon - Joliet, IL

Dominick Chellino - New Lenox, IL

Larry & Julia Coldwater - Coldwater Seed Farm, LLC / Coldwater Farms, LLC, Elwood, IL

Niki Costello - Manhattan, IL

Dan De Caprio - 2021 candidate (WRITE-IN) for Village Trustee of Manhattan, IL

Erin Gallagher & Associates - Manhattan, IL

Mary Evans - Manteno, IL

Dave Ferro - Channahon, IL

April Flaws - Manhattan, IL

Donna Fox - Manhattan, IL

The Fromer Family - Manhattan, IL

Bill Garrett - 2021 candidate (WRITE-IN) for Village President (Mayor) of Manhattan, IL

Brian Giaretta - Manhattan, IL

Alejandro Gutierrez - Jackson Township, IL

Kenneth Hickey - Manhattan, IL

Chris Hop - Manhattan, IL

Michael Jordan - Manhattan, IL

John Kieken - Manhattan Township, IL

Brian and Lori Koziel - Manhattan, IL

Mary Leonard - Manhattan, IL

Kadri Luering - Manhattan, IL

Tricia Maas - Village Trustee of Elwood, IL

Paul Mallet - Manhattan, IL

Nancy Barra Manheim - Manhattan, IL

Annie McNamara - Manhattan, IL

Dennis OConnor - Elwood, IL

Shelley Peterson - Elwood, IL

Alida Potocki - Manteno, IL

Joe Savor - New Lenox, IL

Laura Jo Sperstad - Sugar Creek Hills, Joliet, IL

Jenny Usalis - Manhattan, IL

Evelyn Vanderhyden - Elwood, IL

Jimmy and Kathy Walsh - Manhattan, IL

Lisa Witt - Elwood, IL