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Our Supporters

Commander Kevin Pomykala, USN Retired

Stone City VFW Post 2199

"What NorthPoint proposes to do next to our treasured cemetery is a disgrace to all veterans. Anyone who votes yes to this project should expect to get a no vote for their reelection from the Joliet veterans.”

Allen Lynch

Allen Lynch

The only living Medal of Honor recipient in Illinois

"No American would countenance the building of an industrial park next to Arlington National Cemetery. This is no different. We have joined this suit via the Allen Lynch Medal of Honor Foundation because we have one, singular constituency: our living and fallen comrades. We consider this final resting place as sacred, inviolable and worthy of our efforts to mitigate it being defiled as it has been. It doesn't matter if it's Arlington or Abraham Lincoln, they are the same."

Larry Walsh, Sr.

the late Will County Executive

“After reviewing the current and past plans, NorthPoint Development would undoubtedly destroy our area. Recklessly approving this project would cause monumental consequenes, inhibit future rowth, and cause irrepreable damage to our county ... If NorthPoint is successful, it will mark the beginning of the end of Will County as we know it.”

Fraternal Order of Police Labor Union

Will County Sheriff’s Department

“In the strongest language we urge caution because of the impact to public safety, the lack of infrastructure to support the warehouse trucking facility in terms of roads, and the lack of revenue its going to generate to cover the costs.”

Mark Schneidewind

Will County Farm Bureau

“The Will County Farm Bureau strongly opposes forced annexation and condemnation of land.”

Manhattan School District 114

Board of Education

"The proposed industrial development by NorthPoint is not in the best interest of Manhattan School District 114, its students, or its citizens"

Latest News

NorthPoint’s Illiana Expressway

Recently uncovered documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests reveal that NorthPoint’s real intentions go far beyond the Joliet area and that their plans, if allowed to come to fruition, will have far-reaching impacts across the entire region. In the documents unearthed by Stop NorthPoint, NorthPoint lays out their ambition to do an end-run around the will of Illinois residents to create a 30-mile long “Illiana-Lite” expressway corridor reaching across the entire county, from I-55 to I-394 that would conveniently pass right through NorthPoint’s industrial warehouse park.... Read more →

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