Pending lawsuits in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois (Will County) against Joliet & NorthPoint:

  • Stop NorthPoint v Joliet: case 20CH739, Judge Jarz - 7/22/21 Ruling on Motion to Dismiss
  • Elwood v Anderson ("the bridge lawsuits"): cases 19CH817 & 19MR596 have been combined, Judge Jarz - 8/26/21 at 9:30 AM Hearing
  • Elwood v Joliet, including Just Say No to NP complaint: case 20CH590, Judge Rickmon - 8/4/21 Ruling on Motion to Dismiss

Be aware that dates & times can change quickly/unexpectedly, so one should always verify by using the "Case Lookup" tool on the court's website at  Cases are usually heard during the morning session starting at 9 or 10 am.

The Zoom meeting IDs and passwords are listed by Judge's name on the main home page and the public is allowed to attend courtroom proceedings via Zoom, or in-person depending on the courthouse's latest Covid-19 rules.

Will County Courthouse