Today, the Village of Elwood was granted their motion for preliminary injunction on the basis of Special Use and Notice.

Judge Rickmon stated in his ruling…

…the notice published in the Herald News …is woefully deficient. In addition, I find that the City of Joliet, with regard to the special use, did not follow the municipal code, or indeed its own ordinances. I believe that those are a sufficient basis to grant the motion for preliminary injunction.

This means that the Joliet vote scheduled for October 6 for annexation cannot proceed until the Elwood v Joliet case is fully adjudicated.

Watch Judge Rickmon’s ruling on YouTube

Joliet Herald-News article

The Times Weekly article

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JB-C · October 5, 2020 at 12:48 pm

Thankful for the judge’s ruling; …and for everyone who continues to fight this war.

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