On October 27th, Sierra Club, Openlands, and four members of the Just Say No to NorthPoint group filed a “Petition to Intervene” on the Elwood v Joliet lawsuit. The judge on that case is scheduled to hear arguments next week on this intervention. We will keep you posted.

Joliet Herald-News wrote:

… The opponents of the NorthPoint project filed a motion to join the lawsuit brought by Elwood village officials which claimed the city of Joliet failed to provide adequate due process for those who spoke against the agreement at public hearings…

… “We hope to move forward with all parties in creating an equitable development solution, one that builds up the assets and opportunities that the area has to offer, without sacrificing the cultural and natural heritage that have enriched the community for generations,” Jerry Adelmann, the president and CEO of Openlads [sic], said in the release…

Read more at the Joliet Herald-News


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