Dear Senator Durbin:

It is with the utmost urgency that I send this correspondence to you in reference to the potential Northpoint Development in Will County, Illinois.

The impact that this project will have on communities in the path of this massive cement pad of warehouses, stacked containers (up to ten high currently) is negative at best. Traffic is above and beyond what the infrastructure can tolerate now, I cannot fathom how the impact will be if Northpoint is allowed to continue. The proposed bridge to be erected by Northpoint will appear in the sky above the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and the Midewin Bison Prairie Preserve (which I have since learned is the only Tallgrass Bison Prairie Preserve East of the Mighty Mississippi), an impressive feat for Illinois. I recently spent the day there biking and walking the trails, such a peaceful place for now.

While visiting the cemetery adjacent to the preserve I spoke with other families visiting loved ones. We talked about the bridge, 3000 trucks rolling over the cemetery daily, air and water pollution impacts to the area, after all the soil is already covering up the unknown remnants of the artillery that was located there previously, hence no homes are erected there.

Mass trucking operations also bring unsavory pleasures to a community. Prostitution, human trafficking, child exploitation, drug trafficking, increased hazardous materials transporting, and potentially impaired overtired drivers cutting thru small towns to avoid back-ups and proposed tolls. More fueling equals more fuel spills, exposes the communities to a transient population and the potential for increased crime in the Joliet area, which currently does not seem to have a handle on that issue. How can they take on more?

The tall tale about all of the jobs, permanent and temporary, is so grossly inflated it’s tantamount to the same result as the Hindenburg. A matter of time. It will implode, no jobs, crime increases, more policing is needed, etc. etc. These warehouses will be built by major construction firms, they are not going to be driving thru Joliet looking for workers. What is the benefit to support this project? The Mayor of Joliet, supports the project, which is no surprise, some of his beneficial interests are transparent, others not so much. It is all political personal benefit and not long-term thinking on the impact on the Chicagoland Metropolitan Area over the next 50 years that is driving this development.

I ask you kindly to reconsider taking a public position to support our veterans and open lands in Illinois. Our nations veterans deserve the dignity to rest in peace. I know you are not short sighted and understand the value of open lands and respectful surroundings for our Veteran’s without a “Constant Convoy” passing thru their final resting place. Although I do not reside in Will County, Illinois, I am the daughter of a Military Veteran. Unfortunately, outside of Will County residents, most families who have loved ones buried at Lincoln National are unaware of this proposed development. Image those families dismay, when they travel from long distances to visit their loved ones and 18 wheelers are backed up on bridges towering over this peaceful final resting place. I think Illinois can do better for its Veterans, let us show them they are appreciated for their dedication to protecting our freedom.

Consider your children’s children spending the day at Midewin Prairie Preserve and seeing the bright blue sky, eagles soaring, creeks bubbling, they can ride bikes or horses on the paths as Bison roam just feet away. They can say our grandfather was a great man, he saved all of this beauty in Illinois for America’s Hero’s and this bountiful land, and we can enjoy this place forever.

Abraham Lincoln created the National Cemeterys for Veterans, he created the National Veterans Cemetery system . The U.S. Forestry Department operates the Bison Preserve for all to enjoy. You are their caretaker, the legacy of the peace and preservations of these places for future generations to experience is in your hands.

Senator Durbin, please kindly reconsider your current position on this development. Consider your legacy as a supporter of Veterans and open lands for future generations to cherish. What a wonderful gift to give our Nations Veterans as we celebrate this year’s Memorial Day, the security that their final resting place be preserved.

Tanja Biebel
Glenview, Il


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