Press Conference Wednesday March 3 @ 10 a.m (Live Stream) Pritzker Military Museum, Chicago
Metal of Honor Recipient, Al Lynch


The Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation and several Veterans Assistance Commissions across the state have joined as plaintiffs in the Stop NorthPoint lawsuit in an effort to protect Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, among other reasons. Allen Lynch and the Allen J. Lynch MoH Veterans Foundation General Counsel and Veteran Assistance Commission of Lake County Superintendent Andrew Tangen will join attorney Bob Fioretti at a press conference to address the Governor Wednesday at 10 a.m. to be held at Pritzker Military Museum & Library, 104 S. Michigan Avenue.

The purpose of the press conference is to:

  • Correct factual errors about NorthPoint Development’s threat to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.
  • Encourage Governor J.B. Pritzker to protect the cemetery and keep the proposed bridge in local control.
  • Call on every veteran to stand for our buried heroes who cannot stand for themselves.
  • Denounce NorthPoint’s insult that veterans "do not have standing” in the lawsuit because they “do not own” the cemetery.
  • Answer questions about Stop NorthPoint's amended complaint filed Monday, March 1st.

Wednesday at 10 a.m.
Pritzker Military Museum & Library
104 S. Michigan Avenue

Live Stream Link:

Stop NorthPoint LLC is a grassroots group of residents across Illinois who have organized to fund a lawsuit for a permanent halt to the NorthPoint Development project in Will County, Illinois. Our all-volunteer group has retained the legal services of Chicago attorneys Bob Fioretti, Richard Linden, Peter Bustamante and their team of consultants. Stop NorthPoint LLC is crowd-funded by individuals and small businesses. To learn more about the Stop NorthPoint movement, visit

To watch a video and sign the petition:



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