Quoting Joliet Herald-News:

… John Kieken described what he called “irregularities” in an email sent to Hock, the City Council and members of the media.

Kieken pointed out that the annexation petition has a date of being notarized on July 16 and a separate date of being filed on July 17. He also questioned the authenticity of the notary’s signature.

“We don’t care,” Hock said.

NorthPoint may have wanted the petition documented for their own reasons, but it was not a city requirement, Hock said.

Nor do the separate dates in the document matter, Hock said….

Read more at the Joliet Herald-News

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Kin Nicholas · September 3, 2020 at 11:07 pm


No to endangering our local drivers… (AND OUR CHILDREN)

No to having trucks anywhere near our schools!

No to driving over veterans grave sites!

No to semi trucks driving through our town!

No to additional delays for Emergency Service calls!

No to additional ambulance delays to the hospital!

No to destroying our roads!

No to higher taxes!

No to MASSIVE depreciation of our homes!

No to air pollution, water pollution and land pollution!

No to underpaid workers!

No to false promises to local Unions!

No to political contributions to secure a vote!

No to destroying beautiful farm land!

No to endangering protected wildlife!

No to shady, deceptive, secretive and self serving agreements from our elected officials!!! We deserve better and do so our future generations!!


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