ELECTION 2023 – Joliet

City of Joliet – Mayor and City Council Consolidated Election – April 4, 2023 In the City of Joliet, there are eight (8) elected Council members, where five (5) each represent one City District, and three (3) are representatives “At-Large” (all Districts).  On April 4th, 2023, five (5) of these… Read more →

ELECTION 2023 – Manhattan

Village of Manhattan Trustees Consolidated Election – April 4, 2023 In the Village of Manhattan, there are six (6) elected Trustees, and on April 4th, 2023, three (3) of these Trustee seats will be on the ballot for the Illinois Consolidated Election.  Two incumbent Trustees have decided not to run… Read more →

PRESS RELEASE: Joliet Violates Neighbors

For a city to come down and forcefully take a large percentage of a neighboring community that does not want them is a violation by any definition. The citizens of the Elwood/Manhattan community have an absolute right to determine the fate and future of their own quality of life. Joliet has taken that away from every single one of us. I cannot think of anything that is more UN-American than this…. Read more →

Tell the IL Governor How We Feel

Thank you Governor for standing with small towns, veterans, and hallowed ground Now is the time to share with Governor JB Pritzker how residents of Illinois feel NorthPoint’s threat to our entire region. Please send the message below to express your gratitude that the governor continues to support us and… Read more →