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Just weeks after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot praised NorthPoint Development at a groundbreaking in Hegewisch, a well-organized grassroots group called Stop NorthPoint, LLC, along with numerous decorated veterans and area residents filed an expansive lawsuit Wednesday against the City of Joliet and NorthPoint Development. The attorneys representing the plaintiffs are Bob Fioretti, Richard Linden and Peter Bustamante.

Press Conference: Thursday (October 15th, 2020) at 10:30 am
Stone City VFW Post 2199, Stone City Drive in Joliet
(Southwest corner of Rt 53 and Laraway Road)


In the over 40-page document, Stop NorthPoint asks the court to permanently halt Joliet and NorthPoint from developing the gargantuan trucking warehouses — nearly five times the size of Midway Airport — because the project would force the financial burden onto the Joliet residents and neighboring communities; irreparably harm Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery; jeopardize the safety of school children commuting to school; and would destroy property and quality of life for residents living around the project.

The complaint alleges that NorthPoint failed to comply with multiple terms of the Pre-Annexation Agreement because it failed to provide proof of ownership of the majority of the property, lacks required contiguity, and does not have the necessary approvals for the bridge over Walter Strawn Drive (which is currently in litigation with the Village of Elwood).

The complaint also alleges that NorthPoint failed to submit all the required petitions for annexation, and the ones that were submitted had forged notary signatures and inconsistent dates.

Stop NorthPoint’s complaint also alleges Joliet of conducting constitutionally deficient, illegal hearings. Mayor Bob O’Dekirk and Joliet Attorney Marty Shannahan violated due process by not following the procedures the city published before the hearing. Councilwoman Jan Quillman hollered at callers after they hung up and could not respond to Quillman.

The complaint further alleges that Councilman Larry Hug’s largest campaign donor was Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC in the amount of $22,763.75, following a donation from NorthPoint Development to the same Chicagoland Operators PAC in the amount of $23,200. That was NorthPoint’s only contribution to any PAC. Hug’s second largest donor (other than himself) was the amount of $3,500.

The complaint alleges multiple examples of NorthPoint’s false promises and nightmares in Kansas, which demonstrate what will happen in Will County.

Last week, Stop NorthPoint requested that the Will County State’s Attorney and the Attorney General initiate a Quo Warranto action against the City of Joliet, challenging the city’s authority to annex the property.

Funding for the lawsuit comes from dozens, if not hundreds of individuals, businesses, and families who will be directly impacted should Joliet and NorthPoint be allowed to continue. Private donations can be made via PayPal on or directly through PayPal to


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Click here to download a copy of the lawsuit


Bryan · October 14, 2020 at 2:55 pm

Until Hwy 80 access has been improved their in not any room for the traffic that it will endure.
Hwy 80 needs 4 lanes either way.
Hwy 53 needs 3 lanes either way.
Multiple exists need to be upgraded.
The forest preserve on 53 will also be impacted
Just some of the things that need to be done first..

    John · October 16, 2020 at 2:17 pm

    I would argue that it does not matter. We do not want to keep turning Will County into a barren landscape of freight containers and concrete boxes no matter how much infrastructure we might achieve. Adding lanes to highways only invites more traffic.

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