The FOIA case was heard in the 3rd Appellate Court at noon on September 11th, 2023. This is the Kieken v. Joliet case, where Joliet was sued to produce any traffic or environmental studies when those FOIA requests were denied. Thanks to this lawsuit, just before the 2021 annexation hearing, Joliet produced a “Draft” traffic study that showed an additional 70,000 vehicles/day on a 4,000-acre warehouse complex. Joliet further claimed that no traffic or environmental studies exist aside from this one “draft” study that Joliet Attorney Regis called “obsolete”.

This is the lawsuit that points out Joliet City Counsel’s hypocrisy by requiring a traffic study before approving a Dunkin’ at Six Corners, while this billion-dollar, 6-square-mile, warehouse facility had no such requirement before approval. We ultimately won our FOIA case in Will County Circuit Court last year, which included an award of attorneys’ fees. Joliet appealed the decision and it was argued in front of the Appellate Justices in Ottawa, IL. Stop NorthPoint Attorney Rick Linden did a most excellent job fighting for our cause and we await the ruling.

Audio of these oral arguments is public and posted below:

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Niki · September 11, 2023 at 6:27 pm

Amazing job!!! Thank you for all you do for our entire area. Northpoint is seasoned snake, slithering into small communities, grooming elected officials, followed by destroying entire regions. They haven’t followed Court orders and continue to disregard Court rulings. I truly pray they are stopped in their tracks and get the hell out of Will County! 🙏🤞

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