Aquifers are drying up, and Joliet must build a BILLION-dollar pipeline to Chicago.

"Joliet official have said rates will need to TRIPLE in order to pay the debt [on the pipeline]... officials worry cost overruns could force much bigger increases." - Better Government Association, 11/16/21

NorthPoint will add 6 sq. miles of industrial park and 40+ million sq. feet of warehouse use to Joliet's starving water supply and consume ~1.5 MILLION gallons per day.

Your water bill will TRIPLE to subsidize millions of gallons for NorthPoint warehouses.

To reduce your water bill Joliet encourages shorter showers (Better Government Association, 11/16/21) ...

... while NorthPoint executives party like frat boys on your dime...

{ video clips* from 2017 NorthPoint corporate Christmas video }

Tell Joliet Enough is Enough

* "‘Warehouse paradise’ — corporate video sparks Johnson County neighbors’ anger over Edgerton development" - Shawnee Mission Post, May 13, 2021

original NorthPoint corporate Christmas video:

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