City of Joliet – Mayor and City Council

Consolidated Election – April 4, 2023

In the City of Joliet, there are eight (8) elected Council members, where five (5) each represent one City District, and three (3) are representatives “At-Large” (all Districts).  On April 4th, 2023, five (5) of these Council seats will be on the ballot for the Illinois Consolidated Election.  One incumbent Council member has decided not to run for re-election.  The Mayor’s seat is also on the ballot this year.

As an eligible voter, who is a resident of the City of Joliet, you will be voting for one (1) of these Council member candidates on your ballot depending on your City District.  You will also be voting for one (1) candidate for Mayor.

Please note that every single incumbent Joliet candidate on the ballot this year voted YES to the NorthPoint project, and therefore we strongly recommend a vote against every incumbent on this list.

As per the Will County Clerk, here are the candidates:

Mayor of the City of Joliet (vote for 1)

  • Terry D’Arcy
  • Tycee Bell
  • Bob O’Dekirk (Incumbent) – voted for the NorthPoint project

District 1 Council Member (vote for 1)

  • Larry E. Hug (Incumbent) – voted for the NorthPoint project
  • Mike Eulitz

District 2 Council Member (vote for 1)

  • Quinn Adamowski
  • Pat Mudron (Incumbent) – voted for the NorthPoint project
  • Glenda Wright-McCullum
  • Bob Wunderlich

District 3 Council Member (vote for 1)

  • Sharon “Sherri” Reardon (Incumbent) – voted for the NorthPoint project
  • Janean Jackson

District 4 Council Member (vote for 1)

  • Rosa Hernandez
  • Christopher J. Parker
  • William J. Ferguson
  • Cesar Cardenas

District 5 Council Member (vote for 1)

  • Jim Lanham
  • Suzanna Ibarra
  • Michael William Carruthers
  • Terry Morris (Incumbent) – voted for the NorthPoint project

We are strongly urging all voters to reach out to these candidates to ask serious questions about the NorthPoint project and to freely share this information with friends and neighbors through social media.

We strongly recommend a vote against every incumbent on this list.

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