Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is at risk from The City of Joliet IL wanting make an already horrific problem even worse. Trucks like the one in this video are already getting lost INSIDE the cemetery on a daily basis ignoring well-posted signs – even rolling over graves. On Tuesday 12/15/2020, Joliet is likely to approve NorthPoint Development’s monstrous trucking warehouse complex 5x the size of Midway Airport that will dump tens of thousands of semis at the entrance of our beloved national cemetery every day!

Many veterans who live in the area, including Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and WWII / Korean /Vietnam veterans have formed a group, Stop NorthPoint LLC and filed a lawsuit. But Tuesday’s vote could end the whole project. Check us out at http://www.StopNorthPoint.com, and consider letting the Joliet council know how offensive and disrespectful this is to all who serve.

Below, I’m linking instructions on how to call in, as well as posting the police report from trucks rolling over graves.

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