On Feb 16th, Elwood village attorney Jordan Kielian filed a five point complaint against the city of Joliet! Jordan has been in contact with us to share this exciting news.

The complaint alleges the following:

  1. Joliet violated their municipal code by not giving proper notice about the public hearing on December 15.
  2. If Joliet decides to move the bridge that would be in essence an amendment to the annexation agreement and would need to go back through the process.
  3. Joliet violated the Open Meetings Act by not giving proper notice that they were going to be taking final action at the December 15th meeting.
  4. Joliet’s decision violates their own ordinances because it doesn’t meet the criteria for special use.
  5. The annexation agreement is unlawful because it appears Joliet wants to put sewers within Elwood’s planning area. Elwood is asking the court to prevent that from happening.

Read the complaint here

Listen to Jordan Kielian on WJOL on 2/17/2021


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