Dear Mayor Doyle and Administrator Sing –

As you may already know, my organization, Stop NorthPoint LLC represents area residents, (including some residing within the Village of Manhattan), military veterans and their families who would be impacted negatively by the monstrous NorthPoint project. We are disappointed that the City of Joliet continues public hearings at the height of this pandemic. We are staunch in our fight, because the veterans we represent fought for our rights and nobody should have to risk their lives to exercise the right to participate in public hearings.

Last night, I personally attended the full 5-½ hour Joliet Planning Commission hearing on NorthPoint. Village of Elwood Administrator Julie Friebele, Mayor Doug Jenco, and village attorney Jordan Kielian, all appeared in person and testified in opposition to NorthPoint. Several others from Stop NorthPoint testified by phone, including volunteer spokesperson Erin Gallagher and Manhattan Township Supervisor Jim Walsh, who is a plaintiff in our suit.

As I sat there, I wondered when the Mayor and Administrator from Manhattan were going to testify, but to my great disappointment, this never happened. Why did the Village of Manhattan not stand with its residents and neighbors in opposition to NorthPoint?

I question the veracity of your commitment, Mayor Doyle and Administrator Sing, when just eight weeks ago, your flyer announced “Manhattan says ‘NO’ to NorthPoint.” Beyond glossy flyers, where is village leadership? When is Manhattan going to take action to stop NorthPoint?

You had no problem defending the boundary agreement against Elwood in 2018. Yet, your silence is deafening in the fight against Joliet. Why are you pushing the burden onto us, individual taxpayers, to fund the legal battle?

Last night, NorthPoint and Joliet officials made reference to the boundary agreement between Joliet and Manhattan when discussing “extra parcels” in the proposed agreement. Why were you not present to ask these questions? Why did you leave that up to your residents to do this instead?

It is your responsibility to act. The time is now.


John Kieken – Manager
Stop NorthPoint LLC

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